Holidays in Krabi, Thailand

In Krabi town you can experience Thai daily life with markets, temples and town centre hustle and bustle.
If you want to see more of Thailand than tourist friendly resorts Krabi town is a good choice. This will take you directly into Thai life, with a town life where tourists are in the clear minority and exciting markets can steal many hours of your day. The stores are many and the prices low, since most customers are Thais. A visit to the shopping center Vouga is a must, where lots of little shops are crowded together and where you can buy almost everything.

Book a holiday to Krabi, Thailand

If you want to book a holiday (or even a honeymoon) in Krabi you will find packages on offer at Virgin Holidays and also Kuoni. If you want to speak to an experienced travel consultant about all the options including tailor made travel to Krabi as well as twin centre holidays in Thailan please fill in the enquiry form on right hand side of this website.

Food for all tastes

While the choice of restaurants is big, with everything from fine restaurants offering wonderful food, domestic to international restaurants such as KFC, Pizza Company and Cafe Europa. There are also plenty of small cafés directly on the street, where the taste often far exceeds the price. You could even have breakfast, lunch and dinner from the street vendors as there is a choice of hot food such as fresh Pad Thai, fresh fruit and sweet and savoury snacks. The Thai cuisine is fantastic, and Krabi town is certainly no exception. The city also has many bars and some discotheques.

Tiger Temple, Krabi

If you interested in culture and religion, you should visit the Wat Tham Seua, tiger temple, which lies ten minutes outside the centre of Krabi and is home to over 200 monks and nuns. It is one of South Thailand’s most famous temples. Also impressive is the staircase winding up the cliffs – 1237 steps “the Buddha’s footsteps” and once you get to the top you see why, there is a huge Buddha, a golden pagoda and a family of monkeys!. From the top  you will  be able to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view over the village, mangrove forest and sea, a superb photo opportunity.

Best Krabi hotel ?

One of Krabi city’s best and most popular hotels is Maritime Park, a fresh farm type setting a set away from the city centre. The hotel is situated in wonderful surroundings, embedded in tropical greenery right next to a quiet lagoon. The Krabi river is nearby, and a tip is to board a longtail boat and experience everyday life for the many fishermen who live and work along with it.

Why holiday in Krabi ?

Krabi is famous for its beaches, limestone formations and friendly local bars and restaurants.

Tours of Thailand including Krabi

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