Thailand Flights

Direct flights from London to Bangkok (BKK) take around eleven to twelve hours. It’s normally cheaper to fly indirect though. Please phone 0800 016 3944 for the best offers including regional departures. They have a list of the cheapest flights to Bangkok from all UK airports and deal with a large number of airlines offering Bangkok flights including Eva Air, Thai Airways, BA, Jet Airways, Emirates, Etihad and many more.

A direct flight from London to Bangkok takes around eleven hours, while if you fly in-direct to Bangkok if you have smooth connections it is possible to fly in around 13 hours. One of the advantages of flying indirect is that you may be able to fly from a regional airport close to your home and avoid the large London airport with flights to Bangkok. The airport code for Bangkok is BKK and the official name for the airport is Suvarnabhumi Airport. The airport is around 25 KM from Bangkok city centre so transfers to most hotels take around thirty minutes.